Everyone believes the Holidays are the best time of the year; Cheers, the anticipation of gifts, the food and above all family and friends— and our family and friends here at Hoop Culture agree with these characteristics wholeheartedly.

We are also battle-tested during this time of the year with all our customers and supporters when it pertains to shipping. We strive for transparency and keeping an even keel with each visitor who shows interests and believes in what we do as a brand. For these reasons we do our very best by working around the clock to get your items to you. Being a small team we generally aim to impress with our efficiency in fulfilment and shipping times.


This is where shipping cut off times come into play: Decement 12th. We want to make sure your expectations are met with the circumstances and parameters set by each respective Postal Service. This ensures expectations are met during this time of the year when every comparably competent business aims to please. Pre-Orders will be handled based on the estimated shipping timetable, however we must also observe the stipulated timelines alloted by repective Postal Services; for this reason we cannot guarantee shipment beyond our aforementioned cut-off times.


We someday hope to have the power to do same-day or following day deliveries, or we'll even settle for instantly teleporting your goods to you, buuut we're still trying to sort out a slight glitch in our space-time continuum equation quantum portal generator. It's really tough math, trust us. In the meantime we'll shoot for accomplishing the former, and hope we can carefully observe the shipping cut-off times set by our hard workers at the Postal Service.


Thank you for your understanding during this time of the year.