Kim, Miami-born Rapper.

Kim, Miami-born Rapper.

Kim, Miami-born Rapper.

Kim, A Miami native began making music a few years after his father Stephon, committed suicide in 2009. Growing up in the rough streets of Dade-County his mother chose to relocate the family to Orlando. It was there that he created and released his first project ‘The Polymath' which received much praise from the hip-hop community. This led to Kim opening for many other established artists. Kim followed this up with his debut EP 'Seeking Forever' gaining international recognition. Due to Kim's damagingly relentless rap style, which segues effortlessly into melodic cadences, Kim and his Better Forever approach to music has propelled him into the conversation of being one of rap futures best. With his willingness to bare soul, channeled through substance and truth, Kim's music is nothing short of being eerily addictive. 

What made you get into music?

I got into music when my father Stephon passed. It was self-inflicted and as untimely as they come. I always enjoyed writing so I just starting taking it to music

Do you hoop?

FOR THE CULTURE! Oh yessir, I hoop. My brothers more the top tier talent so I always enjoyed just watching him play. Footballs always been my ace. Defense, cornerback. 

Who is your team?

Miami Heat baby, & any team Lebron plays on, we’re witnessing greatness.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

Honestly, I find my biggest achievement is being the fact that I’ve been blessed to meet people of all different races, colors, and cultures. Trading life experiences, food, knowledge and the like has been pure enjoyment for me. I’ve found that my music creates a platform of discussion and being that I’m a sponge for information, I learn a lot from my audience and in turn, try to reflect it back in my music.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

For any aspiring artists, I would say, give your music everything you have, share your truest self, the people will appreciate you for it, the real will always recognize.

Can we expect any new music from you soon?

Be on the lookout for my next project “Seeking Solice” it’ll be a journey.