Q&A featuring Pat the Roc

Q&A featuring Pat the Roc

Q&A featuring Pat the Roc

Pat the Roc: Patrick Robinson, aka “Pat The Roc,” was born and raised in Prince Frederick, Maryland. At the young age of 5, he picked up a basketball and from that day on never put it down. After graduating from high school (Patuxent High School), he made a promise to himself that every time he stepped on the basketball court he would “outwork” his opponent. Pat spent every single one of his summer days at the park working on his game, from 6 am to 11 pm. He would take a break for lunch and come right back. With plans to attend college in the fall, Pat got an acceptance letter from the University of Cincinnati in July 2001. This was huge for Pat because at the time Cincinnati was one of the top 5 basketball programs in the nation.

Q&A with Pat the Roc
Buckets or Assists?

Would you rather play or train?


How did you get your nickname?

They said I dribble so fast it looked like I was patting the ball.

What makes your facility different from others?

We have some of the best trainers in the world! As far as the equipment it’s like the Willie Wonka factory of basketball, a lot of creativity.

When did you know you wanted to train?

When my teammates started asking me to help them with their handles and hops, they couldn’t figure out what I was doing. 

Favorite person, to play against? Favorite player, to play against?

Favorite players to play with would have to be Steve Francis and Allen Iverson.

What’s the hidden talent?

My secret talent is drums I played the drums as a kid which helped me with my dribbling and rhythm.

What was it like to be featured in NBA 2K? 

The kick pass got me in NBA 2k a move that people laughed at because it’s illegal. 

How many times have you been featured? 

I did the moves for NBA 2k8 all the way up to NBA 2k18. 2020 I did moves for NBA live.

What’s next?

Up next the goal is to continue to change lives one bounce at a time!